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MCCANN is a global ad agency. We create positive impact through calculated risk.

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Without risk,
there’s no champagne.
Without calculation,
there’s just chance.

What can you use this approach for?

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A New
Product Launch

Extend your existing product or create a new one from scratch.

Your product

We do great work. You get the money.


Create a sales campaign and get more money from your product.

That new market you wanted to reach so bad.

New Market

Expand and introduce your brand internationally.

The Calculated
Risk, we mean.

Who Does It?

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Head of Strategy

Kristaps spots what others overlook and does what others wouldn't.

He ruthlessly scraps the irrelevant to highlight what matters, be it a brand strategy or a new way to build business. His approach is careful and considerate, while his radically minimalist strategies do sting hard. Especially if you're a competitor to a brand he's working for.

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Business Advisor

Which came first‒advertising or Ainars himself? Nobody knows.

Ever since the start, Ainars has both the ambition and charisma to be constantly surrounded by industry’s sharpest and brightest. For him McCANN is more than a creative agency; it's a runway for talents to push boundaries and achieve the best results imaginable.

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Creative Director

Valters's bright smile is outshined only by the sparks in his eyes.

Creativity and advertising is home turf for his energetic persona. May it be Cannes, Adwards or Golden Hammer —Valters has earned it all. Spending many years in the largest agencies of Latvia, he has racked up some very serious experience under his belt.

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Managing Director

If someone truly believes in the power of the team – it’s Liene. She has been working in advertising for more than 15 years. And every day she shines like a diamond. Well, now she is our diamond. And we’re not sharing it.

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Business Development Director

Ieva is the ultimate people’s person with topnotch management skills.

She has worked in the field for over 10 years and knows how to cater to any client with the utmost care and foresight. Twice the world champion in academic rowing, Ieva welcomes dynamics and always strives for excellence, be it a sprint or a marathon.

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Creative Director

Marts is a deep thinker whose mind is always louder than his words.

Being far more than a creative mind or a brilliant copywriter, Marts has been selected as the Poet of The Year in Latvia in 2015. His ability to dig deep into human nature is what makes his work touching and spot-on for the audiences any brand aims to reach and address.

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Creative Director

Toms is bold and beautiful. By God we try not to be too jealous.

If you cross Sparta and Athens, you get Toms. He is cocky beyond comprehension, eats bravado for breakfast and slays dragons with his bare hands. In his spare time he cooks up creative concepts, toys with production and nails slogans. Yeah, we know.

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Junior Copywriter

“It is so boring with Gunta” — said no one ever. Fun, mood boost, laughter, emotions, electricity, chitchat about some weird topic? Without Gunta — maybe. With Gunta — definitely. When the room is about to blow up, you know it’s because Gunta is in it.

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Head of Art

Gatis is our design Yoda - wise, calm and extremely gifted.

They say a good person is not a profession. Well we beg to differ. Because not only is Gatis one of the most experienced and talented Art Directors in Latvia with bizillion awards and passion for his work, music and illustrations but also an absolute star of a person.

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Art Director

Dmitrijs a.k.a. Zagga is our rock star. Quite literally in fact.

A minimalist at heart but a maximalist in life, Zagga is an awarded Art Director with pockets full of prizes for his work on TedX and Space Garage. During the day, that is. At night he plays in badass bands, runs his own night club, collects antiquities and builds machines.

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Art Director

Gatis is expert in making great art direction come to life.

Everyhing has to be in the right place. Without obsessing too much about it, this is a philosophy Gatis applies to design, work and leisure. Finding balance and setting the right tone for all visual materials is the winning quality of Gatis that our clients value most.

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Junior Art Director

Ilze knows how to get what she wants. New scooter? That’s what she gets. Trip to Bali? Next thing you know — she’s in Bali. Fancy design? Fancy design it is. She is passionate about cooking and looking after indoor plants. We love having her on the team because she fits in oh so perfectly!

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Evija's charm has melted even the coldest of our Northern hearts.

Magazines, packaging, prints, storyboards - Evija has tried her hand at different forms of design and loves the everyday variety that advertising has to offer. She has high standards and a wonderful sense of style that makes her an outstanding and sought after designer.

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Technical Designer

There are guys who don’t break bones. And there are guys who do. Kristaps is a real bone breaker. Why? It’s just ‘cause Kristaps lives fast. And works fast. He is a folk dancer who puts together very specific layout details. If needed - he will do it in 100 different sizes – it’s totally OK for Kristaps. And so on. It doesn’t take much to make him laugh. Also, dude knows something about life that others just don't.

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Madara Gore

Senior Account Manager

Madara doesn't take no for an answer & does so most charmingly.

Difficult is a not word that can be found in Madara's dictionary. Design the trendiest hats in Latvia? Easy. Drive a 4x4 through a jungle? Puh-lease. Handle complex campaigns? Consider it done. With her determination and charm, Madara has conquered our heart for good.

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Senior Account Manager

Two things about Liene — a hard grip and a soft smile. Under her watch, things just happen smoothly.

Attentive to details, she understands the tasks without saying and keeps the client confident and informed. Liene is a dream colleague not only because of the account management skills but also due to her delicious cakes. But not all her secrets are to be understood—Liene often gets things done in mysterious ways.

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Senior Account Manager

Linda's enthusiasm and stamina has no equal.

Throughout her many years in advertising, Linda has worked with some of the most challenging and prominent brands in the Baltics. She is the epitome of 'work hard, play hard' and by play hard we mean Beethoven which she loves to play when she is not running marathons.

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Account Manager

Everything is possible. Even a nightingale and project manager combined in one person. She sings in two choirs, plays the piano and tells jokes from “Alise’s funny jokes” book. You haven’t heard about it? Well, it has been published in 3 volumes.

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Executive Producer

Arta is this super modest girl with exceptional skills and attitude.

Arta is a unique talent to have in one’s team as she has worked in both account management and production for almost 10 years. It is precisely this experience that makes her so great at facilitating and bringing together the client's goals and the Creative team’s vision.

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Financial Director

Dace knows how to keep creative minds running.

The creatives' hate for numbers is inversely proportional to how much they love spending their salaries on useless junk. So it's good that we have Dace who makes sure that most of our cash monies are spent on real adult stuff and only a little on fidget spinners and fluffy slippers.

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Financial Controller

If we had to choose — Vineta or a full pot of gold — we would choose Vineta. Gold will end sooner or later but Vineta’s energy — never. She masters numbers and papers. And does it with a smile. Creative chaos stands no chance against Vineta’s ability to keep everything in the perfect order.

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